Proposed Suffolk County Hotel/Motel Tax Update

There is a Suffolk County law stating that a tax must be collected from all persons occupying hotel or motel rooms in the County. Specifically, the law requires every facility providing overnight lodging to charge their guests at the rate of 3% of the per-diem rental rate for each room, and then remit this tax revenue to the County. [The definition of a hotel or motel in the code is any facility providing lodging on an overnight basis including those commonly known as bed-and-breakfasts, inns, cabins, cottages, campgrounds, tourist homes, guest homes and convention centers; Suffolk County Code, Chapter 523-9]. The SC Comptroller has determined that there is substantial non-compliance with this law, and has started an initiative to vigorously pursue those who are not collecting the tax and sending it to the County.

FIA will continue to monitor the impact of this tax on the Fire Island rental market and urges everyone to read more about it.

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