Emergency Repair Work Announced

Governor Cuomo's office has issued the press release below, officially announcing the joint plan formulated by FINS, USACE, Suffolk County, and NYS DEC to do emergency repair work at the site of the recent serious storm damage in the Robbins Rest area. Many thanks to all the Fire Islanders who raised the alarm about the serious threat to the Burma Road, and to all the agencies involved for their prompt action to implement emergency repair. Major re-nourishment of this stretch of beach will be accomplished during Contract 3A of the FIMI project (scheduled to begin in late spring/early summer).

A special note of gratitude to FINS Superintendent Chris Soller for the Park's immediate collaborative action with local emergency responders to mitigate the initial wash-over damage. And although not mentioned in the Governor's press release, Chris played the key leadership role in getting swift consensus for this joint temporary repair action from the multiple agencies and jurisdictions involved.

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