Fire Island Residents to Lose Their Homes to Make Way for a Dune

Posted July 17, 2015, by Lisa W. Foderaro for the New York Times

OCEAN BAY PARK, N.Y. — Eddie Micallef, a film director, has spent every summer of his life coming to the four-bedroom oceanfront house his father, an architect, designed on Fire Island. As a child, he would spend the whole summer surfing and playing softball, and he later worked as a camp counselor here. As an adult, he catches the ferry from Bay Shore, on Long Island, on Fridays and enjoys cocktails with friends on his deck in the bayberry-scented breeze.

Three years ago, on the last ferry out before Hurricane Sandy hit, Mr. Micallef wondered whether he would ever again see the house, which was built in 1975. In the end, the storm — which destroyed dozens of houses across the 32-mile barrier island and flooded many of the 4,500 homes — largely left his home uninjured, though monstrous waves did wash away his outdoor shower and exterior stairs.

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