Portuguese Man O War Found on FI Beach

Posted July 9, 2015

Portuguese Man O War has been observed on Fire Island beaches. FINS is currently working with the Town of Islip and Brookhaven to alert residents about the risks posed by the sting of the PMOW.

The Town of Islip has raised purple and red warning flags to inform residents of potentially dangerous marine life and hazardous swimming conditions at Town beaches. The beaches within the Town of Islip are not closed, but residents are urged to use caution during their visit. These flags have been raised in light of the recent Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish sightings that have occurred throughout New York and New Jersey.

The Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish is a colony of organisms with long tentacles that can deliver a very painful sting. Residents are urged to stay away from these and to report any sightings to the lifeguards. Residents who live on the water, and find these on their property are encouraged not to touch them. Use proper gloves or hand-wear and dispose of them by using a shovel to dump them in a trash bag. Ensure all tentacles are cleaned up.

For additional information on these sightings and proper disposal, please contact the Suffolk County Board of Health at 631-852-5760. Click Read Entire Article to view frequently asked questions.

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