2009 Beach Replenishment Project Report

2009 FIRE ISLAND BEACH RENOURISHMENT PROJECT POST-SANDY STORM REPORT This report describes the hurricane storm losses experienced along the Fire Island shoreline within the 2009 beach nourishment project areas and additional Fire Island communities. The losses were caused by Hurricane (“Superstorm”) Sandy. The project area meets Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) criteria defining a beach nourishment project’s eligibility for Public Assistance of permanent work (Category G). The additional communities may be eligible for either FEMA Category G or B funding depending on their historic beach management. The total storm losses within the project area eligible for FEMA funding were significant especially if previous eligible storms since 2009 are considered. Descriptions of storm losses, the pre- and post-storm comparative profiles, the pre- and post-construction comparative profiles of the 2009 project and other required documentation are included or summarized in this report.

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