Project Update 4-4-09

Coastal Planning & Engineering’s Quin Robertson reported that pumping began in the Central Reach (Ocean Bay Park to Corneille Estates/Summer Club) around midnight on March 31. The R.N. Weeks pumped 2,300 cubic yards of sand before midnight that night and has since pumped another 85,000 yards in Seaview. There are two submerged pipelines, central and east. The central line, located between Fairway and Gale in Seaview, is currently building the beach eastward toward the border between Ocean Bay Park and Point O’Woods. The second (eastern) sub-line is located at about Oneida Street in eastern Ocean Bay Park. It is not yet in operation because winds must subside before the monobuoy (the pumping platform that connects the dredge to the submerged pipeline) can be connected.

Repairs are also needed on the dredge, the B.E. Lindholm, which will serve the east sub-line when it is in place. Once this happens, the central line will help complete the eastern part of the Central Reach, and then both dredges will serve the central sub-line, building the beach toward its western completion point. Weeks Marine expects the Lindholm to be back on-line shortly, allowing double pumping of the east end of the Central Reach with two sub lines.  The eastern and central sub line will work towards each other to finish the eastern half as soon as possible.

The vehicle cut between Ocean Bay Park and Point O’Woods will remain closed until the eastern half of the Central Reach is completed. Until then, there is no driving on the beach between Ocean Beach and Ocean Bay Park except for emergency vehicles.