2009 Project Update 4-16-09

CPE’s Nicole Sharp reported late Wednesday that Ocean Bay Park’s project was completed late Tuesday. Operations moved to Seaview and west and had extended from Fairway Avenue to Crescent Avenue by Wednesday night.  The RN Weeks left early Wednesday morning for repairs and the BE Lindholm stopped pumping around noon due to rough seas. When the sea is calmer pumping will resume near the east border of the village of Ocean Beach.

FIA has arranged a tour for officials, the press and others for Friday morning, April 17. Fire Island Ferries has provided a boat to leave from Bay Shore at 9:00 a.m. The group will proceed to the beach, probably near Surfview Walk, to view the operation. Mayor Loeffler will welcome the visitors to the Village and a presentation on the beach fill techniques in use will be made by Steve Keehn, Senior Coastal Engineer for CP&E, at the Boat House in Ocean Beach. After a Q&A session, FIA president Jerry Stoddard will present certificates of appreciation to some of the government officials who helped arrange the permits and draft the contracts for the project.

The purpose of the tour is to underscore the fact that in the absence of government help, coastal residents sometimes must spend their own money to protect adjacent public beaches. But regardless of where the money comes from, for the next fifty years at least, the nation’s chief response to sea-level rise will be to make beaches wider and higher though periodic beach nourishment projects like the one now underway by Weeks Marine, Inc. at Fire island.

The FIA press release on the site visit and CP&E’s project description appear in the following posts.