Piping Plover Update

Here is Kelly Risotto’s latest update on piping plover nesting activity in Fire Island communities:

Davis Park:

1.     Nest 1DP (FINS 5A).  Hatch date was estimated at 6/3, but as of 13:30 yesterday, all four eggs were still present and the plover was still incubating.  We will be out again today (June 4) to check.

2.     Nest 2DP (FINS 6A).  Hatch date is estimated at tomorrow (6/5).  As of yesterday, bird was incubating and the second was seen foraging near the water east of the Casino.

3.     Land Use observed a LIPA truck (license M 3242) driving from the west end into the cut at Davis Park yesterday.  I emailed FINS yesterday afternoon, and Lindsay was hopeful that they could put up no driving signs today.

4.     Dune fence has been installed at the crest of the dune in front  of the Casino to prevent beachgoers from traversing the dune in that area.

Fire Island Pines:

1.     Nest 1FIP (FINS 14A).  Bird incubating; second not observed.

Ocean Bay Park:

1.     Nest 1CFI (FINS 1C).  As of 6/2, bird was incubating and the second was observed foraging nearby.  We did not make it out there yesterday due to rain.

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