Report from Davis Park

I watched the events unfold last weekend and finally got to walk the beach yesterday an hour or so before low tide. About two thirds of the community (4100 feet long) saw some scarping ranging from 1 foot to 4 feet in the worst areas and then tapering back down. We lost one set of stairs in the Davis Park section at Seajay Walk and a section of sand fence in that area as well. The concentration of erosion seems to be shifting a bit west of its historic impact area in the Casino to West Walk area of the community. There is a lot of sand extending from the beach into the ocean at the east end of the community. Fishing from it and casting to the west has been seen. Other sand remains in the surf area. Traditionally erosion has chewed away at the middle of the community and moved some sand to the west end where our westernmost Fifth Walk enjoys a very similar profile to the 1950s and an elevation near 20ft. Sand seems to be accumulating in the surf here as well and the beach widens.  

John Lund