Fire Island to Moriches Inlet Project

The Draft Local Re-Evaluation Report for the Fire Island to Moriches Inlet Project (FIMI) and the Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) are now out for public comment and accessible through the US Army Corps Website. Click below to read more details.

1.  (CLICK HERE) News Release from USACE that identifies the comment period deadline of 4/02/14.

     IMPORTANT >>>>>>> The comment period has been extended to 4/17/14 CLICK HERE

2.  (CLICK HERE) A memo from FIA giving the back-ground of the project, suggested language for comments, and directions on how to submit these comments to the Army Corps.

We urge all residents to comment before the April 2nd deadline.  This project is extremely important for emergency stabilization of the Island and we should do everything in our power to help it move forward as quickly as possible.  Fire Island’s voice should be heard!